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Disruptive Marketing The ‘Unruly’ Way – Agency Review

Unruly Media London

Marketers and Brands has been constantly strategising to maximize its shareholders value by effectively activating existing customers and prospects, and creating new customers efficiently. If a brand is not able to balance its marketing objectives though the various stages of the digital marketing life-cycle; Disruption, Sustainability, and Efficiency; they would be forced to move aside by market dynamics. Brands need to be able to engage with audience in real time a programmatic efficiency and adjust their communications as required even more effectively, to be able to impact the right audience, with the right content, at the right time; and of-course, with the right intensity.

This is where Unruly Media comes in. Unruly is probably best defined by the brand name itself: disorder or disruptive – not amenable to discipline or control; and that is exactly what they are really good at delivering. Disruption is what shakes the marketing world and takes the audience by surprise; and yes, clearly satisfying the gourmand. Today, brands need to be able to catch the audience by surprise by being able to create and deliver content in real-time as the conversation is happening. True ‘on the moment’ engagement. In this moment, brand thinks in real-time without any briefs or meetings whatsoever. To add to sustainability, Unruly Media enables its clients with their proprietary analytical tools that assists and empowers brands and marketers alike to plan, strategise, create, track, optimise and measure its efforts quite effortlessly through the campaign lifetime. This approach assists brands and marketers to scale their business, reach, and advocacy fluidly by employing and adopting a ‘Direct Response Metrics’.

Unruly specialized in providing Brands with cutting-edge resources to achieve this; by enabling brands to enforce an even stronger brand identity and branding activity, provide analytical tools that reflects the audience response in real-time, thus ROI; thereby enhancing the brands willingness to proceed further with a specific campaign. Unruly Media’s culture runs on ‘Cutting-edge Insights and Analytics – Flawless Delivery’ and they have been quite relentlessly achieving finesse on their service offerings over a period of time. I was rather intrigued by their proprietary ‘Virality Algorithm’, which gathers data on virality of videos through various emotional responses of the audience; segregated by industries. Essentially they have defined emotional responses required across industries for a product and/or service to reach it maximum potential. So what might work for IT industry would differ from what would work for the Cosmetics industry. They have been constantly improvising and refining the algorithm to make it versatile and adaptive.

Their tools help brands cut through the noise and clutter; with 5.3 trillion display ads shown online each year, 400 million tweets sent daily, 144,000 hours of YouTube video uploaded daily, and 4.75 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every day, brands need a ‘Power House’ to achieve their target and Unruly Media is more than highly equipped to deliver. Creating massive brand presence in a highly effective and efficient manner that in-turn creates free press and that also increase organic search rankings and results. Unruly Media thrives to generate high levels of social engagement, sharing, and brand interactions which finally enable brands to increase their brand advocacy as well as enhance the customers and audiences’ ‘Social Equity’ by being able to reward them for their efforts on time.

Welcome to the Unruly world of ‘quite powerful’ disruptions!


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Niku Dutta

Niku Dutta (Nabaneet) holds an MBA (Dual) - Marketing & Personnel Management, and an MSc in Future Media Pro from Birmingham City University, UK. Niku Dutta creates value for companies by identifying the profit opportunities of this new age while guiding organisations through today's ever-evolving new media markets, practices and challenges.