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I had the privilege of visiting The River Group recently – one of the Top 10 Content Marketing Agencies in the UK – and interact with Ms Susi O’Neill, Head of Digital and Content. During my interaction, we explored various aspects and functional areas of Content Marketing, Publishing Industry, Corporate Communications – Internal and External, and Marketing Strategy. The River Group has been a pioneer of the Publishing industry since its conception about two decades ago. River is well known for its unique philosophy it applied to every content project it handled for its clients – producing impeccable content, extending their expertise in marketing and promotional services activities and last but not the least, maintaining the best talent pool in the industry. Hence, River is well known in the industry for its effective and efficacy in delivering the right content, in the right format, to the right people with the right package and of-course, always on the right budget; and without compromising any aspect. It has been their Core Competencies that the agency is truly proud of.


The River Group has been in-effect, quite relentless in what they believed in: good content that people resonates and are more than willing to invest into. No wonder, during this period of time, River has won a number of awards for the editorial and design quality of its content and continues to add more and more awards to their credentials. When I had started my career in Sales (and thereafter my run with an Advertising Agency and Digital Agency; finally starting my own venture), my job was to do corporate ad-space sales for various organization as well as interact with various Media Buying Agencies; and all I can say is without the ‘Right Content Strategy’ in place, probably nobody would have ever been able to sell anything to anyone. Right from developing our personal branding, we have always been polishing each and every corner so that we become the commodity and/or service provider that others would eventually want to invest into. Quintessentially content that is not just ‘A Story’ but is also ‘Sell-able’.


Without the proper understanding and alignment of both internal communications as well as external communications (content), probably you are unknowingly giving your competitor a strategic advance over your products and services. To be able to bridge this ‘Content: Communication Gap‘, organization across the globe are viciously struggling mainly and specifically to procure, retain and incentivise talent pools. The River Group has been effortlessly handling these functional areas for their clients for over two decades. To simplify this further, nothing explains it better than the content created by (you guessed it correct) the agency itself:


The River Group, London - Tall Tales

Doesn’t get any simpler than this. (Illustration courtesy: The River Group)


Content Marketing has become the core factor for the rise and also fall of a product or service; even more so today because Brands are becoming more Human in their interaction with their target audience, for the segment to be able to relate to the Brand and quite effectively, ‘Buy Into’ their story. To achieve this, Brands need not just ‘A Story Teller’ neither ‘The Best Story Teller’ but ‘The Best Story Seller’; The River Group is one of the perfect places to start/shift the journey with. Not every agency has the perfect blend of Strategy, Content and Marketing for communications to be reflective in your ROI.


We often come across various ‘Content Marketing Perspectives’ such as Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization, Corporate Communications, Legacy Marketers etc, but Brands need to align and partner with someone who not only has expertise and finesse in ideating, creating and developing the ideal content for your brand. I am going to call it ‘Organic Content Marketing’ or ‘OCM’. The phrase Organic Marketing would generally mean ‘content that is organically generated/earned without any media transaction taking place in the process’; whilst Organic Content Marketing would be defined as ‘content that organically grows onto one another’ over various marketing and communication efforts. Content that complements your long-term marketing and branding efforts and tells your story in a way that resonates effectively over a period of time. Taking your ‘Brand Story’ further and being able to sustain a ‘Content Strategy’ that is Robust, Flexible, Engaging, Empowering; thus answering all your business objectives Cognitively – Public Relations, Search Marketing, Social Media, Corporate Communications. And at the same time, generating Social Equity for your target audience.


Need I say that it’s best to start with someone who is considered pioneers in this field and lives and breathes ‘Content at their Core’ should be the ideal place to start with?

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Niku Dutta

Niku Dutta (Nabaneet) holds an MBA (Dual) - Marketing & Personnel Management, and an MSc in Future Media Pro from Birmingham City University, UK. Niku Dutta creates value for companies by identifying the profit opportunities of this new age while guiding organisations through today's ever-evolving new media markets, practices and challenges.