BBDO’s Timeless Print Ad Campaign for Jeep : An Analysis

Not many a times you come across a campaign that is brilliant not just by it’s simplicity, but also by its ability to address a plat hora of an audience. Yes, I am talking about the campaign by BBDO Malaysia for Jeep.

The entire campaign clearly reflects the functionality of Jeep that it is built to endure any kind of weather and terrain. Additionally the execution is superb and aesthetically appealing. This advertisement intrigues the audience and takes them into a visual journey into their imagination and lets them interpret in his or her own way. By doing this, the advertisement not only enforces the brand, entertains its audience, enables lucid imagination among others; but also positions the brand onto the audience TOM recall.



The advertisement is very nicely executed and the colours render a feeling of both warmth and cold. This is the second brilliant aspect of the ad. It further goes on into interacting with the audiences feeling of their territory, which assists Jeep in providing a visual that is stimulating. The colour blue is often related to corporate business because it’s productive, thus enforcing productivity, efficiency and ruggedness; whereas the colour brown is associated with reliability, practicality. The green silhouette formed by the blend of the two elements talk of the features and functionalities of Jeep. Green reflects tranquility, health, prosperity and eco-friendliness.



Thirdly, the advertisement has no copy per-se; therefore it is culture/territory independent and is equally gripping for global audience. The campaign is brilliantly balanced and engages audience across demographics because of its sheer simplicity.

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Niku Dutta

Niku Dutta (Nabaneet) holds an MBA (Dual) - Marketing & Personnel Management, and an MSc in Future Media Pro from Birmingham City University, UK. Niku Dutta creates value for companies by identifying the profit opportunities of this new age while guiding organisations through today's ever-evolving new media markets, practices and challenges.